Bathroom Renovations

For the space, bathrooms have a lot of trades working in such a small area compared to other areas of your home, therefore it’s important they get it right.

Our team of trades are specialists in their field and bathrooms is an area we excel in.

Bathroom Renovations Specialists

At iBuild we have worked on bathrooms all shapes, sizes and conversions. We like to focus on the layout and ensure it meets the functionality brief as well as the design. Our consultation process will walk you through the concept component of solving for space or layout issues you may have through to selections where you will work with our consultant on piecing together tiles against your choice of vanity and accessories and how this ties in to the flow of your home.

Premium Quality Fittings For Every Budget

We have worked with some of the industry leading suppliers in bathroom furnishings and fittings. We know that this can come often come with a hefty price tag and have products to suit every budget. We understand that it can be overwhelming to visit multiple suppliers and showrooms so we have tried to make this process a little less painful by offering all our items on display in our own showroom to avoid to hassle in running around.


We know that sometimes it can be difficult to visualise the end product which is why we offer layout designs and renders of your selections so you have a sneak peak of your end goal.